Breathing in Freefall Is Easy

Yes, you will be able to breathe during your skydive.

That being said, we will be flying through the air at about 120mph so it will be fairly windy. If you’ve ever ridden on a motorcycle or stuck your head out of a car window while traveling down the freeway you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Simply forcing exhalation with an adrenaline filled shout inevitably forces the cycle of inhalation.

The altitude that we reach will not make it difficult to breathe. Since we’ll only spend a few minutes above 10,000 feet, you will not experience any symptoms of hypoxia. It generally takes about 10 minutes above 10,000 feet to start experiencing these symptoms. We do have oxygen available in the rare case that anyone does start to experience these symptoms even though it hasn’t been required in our entire history of operations.