Typical Parachute Opening Sensations

Modern parachutes are designed to provide smooth and soft openings. As it opens, you’ll gradually shift from a belly to earth to an upright/standing, position. Tandem parachutes generally require 600-1000 feet and 5-10 seconds to open. That translates into a smooth and comfortable parachute opening.

The parachute has a surprisingly wide range of controls. It is fully steerable. If you want to have an exciting, roller coaster type of ride, we can do high-speed spirals. When doing spirals, g-forces will start to build up and you’ll feel heavy in harness as speed increases. Or if you just want to soak up the rest of experience the parachute ride can be a very calm and chill experience that gives you an opportunity to take in the incredible views at a slower pace. It’s your skydive, so either way is cool with us.