Tandem Skydiving Is The Best First Jump Method

Tandem skydiving is the most common type of first jump. Attached to a highly experienced, United States Parachute Association certified instructor, tandem skydiving provides safe and easy access for almost anyone to try skydiving.

During a tandem jump, the student is attached to one of our professional instructors by a four point harness. The tandem pair exit, freefall, fly the parachute and land while connected to each other. It is the safest method to perform a first jump, and also allow you to experience every part of a skydive.

Anyone in reasonable physical condition can experience skydiving in a safe environment in a minimal amount of time (a few hours total) via this method.

Tandem skydiving freefall position over Monterey Bay

One of the most unique aspects of Skydive Monterey Bay is that we offer the world’s highest skydives every day we fly, on your very first jump. Our 18,000 foot tandem jumps are almost double the freefall of most skydiving centers in the country. And we fly to 18,000 feet every day, on more than 95% of our total flights. The unique opportunity to skydive from 18,000 feet with this 👆incredible view makes Skydive Monterey Bay one of the world’s best tandem skydiving locations.

Approximately 500,000 people in the United States try skydiving for the first time every year using this jump method. In the United States, jumpers must be a minimum of 18 years old to skydive while there is no maximum age requirement. Fun fact: at 103 years and 181 days, Alfred Blaschke is the oldest person to ever have completed a tandem jump.

In most cases, a person can completed a tandem jump in just a few hours (provided there are no weather or operational delays) without any previous training.

For more details on your first jump adventure, we also have a comprehensive guide that covers everything you want to know about tandem skydiving.