Expected Time To Complete Your Skydive

Skydiving is a super fun activity but we do need to take care of some business before we can jump from a perfectly good airplane. Check in, wavering, gear up and training (this part is kind of important) and video editing does take some time.

You should budget three to five hours here at Skydive Monterey Bay. We’re respectful of your time and try to get you on your extremely stoked way as soon as possible. Often, especially on weekdays, the whole process only takes a couple of hours. On the other hand it may take longer on the weekend or if we encounter weather issues.

While you’re in the area, we highly recommend you spend the rest of your day in the Marina and Monterey area. It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s almost always something going on. We can provide recommendations for a day or entire weekend itinerary, or you can check out http://www.seemonterey.com/ to plan your epic weekend.