Get Your Skydive License

Your adventure in becoming a licensed skydiver can begin after you’ve completed a tandem skydive at Skydive Monterey Bay. A tandem skydive is the safest, easiest, and widely the most popular method to do your first jump. However, it is an introduction to the sport of skydiving. There’s much more to discover and learn. In fact, once you get your skydive license and acquire even basic human flight skills you’ll be amazed at the range of capabilities in this three-dimensional world where we bend the rules of physics for moments at a time.

To get started, you can enroll in our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program. AFF is a seven (7) level, learn to skydive solo program that utilizes in-air freefall coaching. It is the most progressive and safest way to learn how to become a skydiver. During the first three levels, two instructors jump with the student while holding their harness. In subsequent levels, the student jumps with a single instructor.

Skydive Monterey Bay Learn to Skydive Program Get Your Skydive License

Each level provides an opportunity to learn new freefall and canopy piloting skills that will help progress you to the ultimate goal of being an epic solo licensed skydiver. Once you’ve graduated from AFF, you’ll only need to achieve a handful of additional requirements (e.g. 25 jumps total, some additional freefall and parachute skills, and “A” license written exam) to get your “A” license. Your “A” license enables you to jump all over the world, and in small groups with other certified skydivers.

As an advanced solo skydiver, you can learn to fly your body in any orientation, at a variety of speeds, and in formations with large groups of your new flying friends. That freedom, adrenalin rush, in the present moment feeling, being able to do things with your body that mostly no one else on this planet gets to experience are the reasons Why We Jump.


Visit Skydive Monterey Bay’s AFF Program to get your skydive license or for more information about Accelerated Freefall.