Tandem Skydiving Packages in the Bay Area

Skydive Monterey Bay Skydive Packages

Freefall. Like, a whole lot!

Skydive Monterey Bay specializes in offering a premium first jump experience with incredible ocean views and the highest tandem skydive options on every jump, every day of the week. After all, it’s your first skydive, so you should make the most of your opportunity with the longest freefalls and beautiful Monterey Bay views.

We are the only California skydive center to jump from 18,000 feet every day with almost 98% of our flights dropping jumpers from the top floor. If you choose the 15,000 foot skydive option, that’s still higher than all of the other regular skydive options in California.

Freefall is such an intense and beautiful experience. On many people’s first jump, freefall feels shorter perceptually than it’s actual duration. Everyone wants more and we’re quite happy to oblige to give you the ultimate first jump experience.

Regardless of the option you pick, you’ll be jumping higher and freefalling longer in the nicest skydive location in the Bay Area, with the most amazing ocean views possible.

Let’s do this!