San Francisco Skydiving

Skydive Monterey Bay is one of the top-rated San Francisco area skydive centers. It’s the best skydiving near San Francisco because it’s the only place in California that you can jump from 18,000 feet (the world’s highest jump) every day, with the closest and most beautiful ocean views in California.

The vibrant blue waters and towering dunes of Monterey Bay combined with the rugged Santa Lucia mountains provide a surreal setting for your first skydive experience. We’re so close to the ocean you might spot a migrating whale on the climb to jump altitude. If you’re going to skydive, you might as well skydive in paradise. It definitely makes for the most enviable Instagram pictures!








The only thing better than jumping in paradise is for it to last longer. As one of the closest skydiving centers to San Francisco, we offer the unique opportunity to do the world’s highest first jump. Skydive Monterey Bay is the only skydive center near San Francisco that jumps from 18,000 feet every day. The distance and time you’ll freefall are about 50-80% more than the other skydive centers. While some may claim to offer jumps as high as we do, Skydive Monterey Bay flies to 18,000 feet on every flight, every day. Almost doubling the length of a lifetime experience is definitely worth driving an extra few minutes down the Pacific Coast Highway (101) to Monterey.

Doing the world’s highest skydive on your first jump probably seems like a counterintuitive approach for managing your fear of heights. But jumping from a higher altitude is the best approach. Your visual perspective (i.e. how close the ground looks) from 13,000 to 18,000 feet is almost indistinguishable from an untrained eye. The higher altitude doesn’t look scarier and it also provides more time to get accustomed to sensations of freefall. Those first 5-10 seconds can be pretty intense. That ends up being a noteworthy portion of freefall if you’re jumping from only 13,000 feet (or less). Just when you get comfortable and relaxed your freefall ends. Our 18,000 foot jumps significantly extend your freefall distance, providing more time to become comfortable and relaxed with the feeling of flying.

The Real San Francisco Skydiving Experience

Since you can’t skydive in the city do your first jump in a natural paradise that melds with the vibe of San Francisco. On clear days, Skydive Monterey Bay offers views of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge from our highest jump altitude of 18,000 feet.

Can you really do a Bay Area skydive without views of the California coast? Skydive Monterey Bay’s landing area is less than three miles from the Pacific Ocean. During your parachute descent, you’ll be flying near the ocean with views of the shining blue waves of Monterey Bay and snowcapped peaks of the Sierra Nevada and Santa Lucia Mountains.


For the most stunning natural views, longest freefalls, and glimpses of the San Francisco skyline, come jump with us at Skydive Monterey Bay. It’s the most sublime California skydive experience.

San Francisco Skydiving Itineraries

Skydive Monterey Bay is the best choice to add adventure to your San Francisco itinerary. After jailbreaking Alcatraz and exploring Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, and all the museums, head out of the city for some rugged adventure. Your skydive adventure in Monterey will only take a half-day, so you’ll have time for a full Monterey itinerary to explore beaches, Carmel-By-The Sea, local wineries and check out the iconic Bixby Bridge in Big Sur.

If you need help planning some other Monterey activities as part of your skydive day, we recommend:

No matter what season you’re visiting San Francisco our consistently mild temperatures and blue skies provide incredible skydiving conditions all year. Each season offers desirables skydiving conditions, from the extra clear skies and vibrant ground colors in the winter to warm breezes and freefall t-shirt temperatures in summer.

Top 9 Reasons To Skydive Near San Francisco in Winter


Skydiving For San Francisco Locals

In operation for more than 25 years, Skydive Monterey Bay may have introduced more San Francisco locals to the world of skydiving than any other nearby parachute center. Many people from the Bay Area prefer to drive a little farther, even past a couple of other skydive centers, to do their first jump at one of the highest-rated and reviewed skydive centers near San Francisco.

Whether it’s the world’s highest tandem jumps, incredible ocean views, or our best in class safety record, come check out why we’re the best San Francisco skydive option.



Skydive Monterey Bay Area Skydiving Prices & Packages

Skydive Monterey Bay is home to the World’s Highest Tandem Skydive. We jump from 18,000 feet above the ground every day. Enjoy a quick, scenic flight over the Pacific Ocean in Monterey Bay and near the Santa Lucia mountain range. Our Super King Air 200 is one of the fastest skydiving airplanes in the country. It can easily accommodate any large group.

We offer a variety of skydive jump altitudes including 18, 15, and 10 thousand feet above the ground. Jump pricing ranges from $229-$329 per person. A variety of video and picture packages are available to capture all of the angles, moments, and scenery for that ultimate Instagram picture or video to show your family and friends exactly how you spent your anniversary, birthday, or that bucket list day.


San Francisco Skydiving Prices


Even with the fastest aircraft, highest altitude jumps, and best ocean, beach, and mountain views, our prices are aligned with other San Francisco area skydiving centers. We know that for most of you, this could be your one and only skydive. We truly believe that skydiving is such an incredible experience that you should do it in the best place possible with the most freefall time and best scenery. We’re so committed to sharing this experience with others that we want to remove any barriers you might have. So, if the price is a concern, we will match any competitor’s price (for the same jump altitude). Make your once-in-a-lifetime experience the best it can be with Skydive Monterey Bay.

Skydive Monterey Bay is open every day, all year. You can make a booking online, at any time, at

Our online booking system shows all available jump times that are at least 48 hours in advance. If you want to skydive the same or next day, please call us at 831-384-3483 for availability and details.

* Please note that due to COVID-19 safety protocols, reservations are required. Currently, we are not accepting walk-in bookings.

Getting To Skydive Monterey Bay From The Bay Area

If you’re in San Francisco skydiving is a quick day trip adventure with some time left over to explore Monterey or Carmel-By-the-Sea.

Driving time is estimated to be about 1 hour and 45 minutes without significant traffic. Please arrive with plenty of time to finish the paperwork (arriving late could result in missing your flight). We suggest you leave your home at least 30 extra minutes in addition to the estimated driving time.

The best two routes are South on HWY 101 via Morgan Hill to 156W or South on HWY 17 to HWY 1 via Santa Cruz.

Via Hwy 101:

  1. Take US-101 South to Prundale and take Exit 336 to CA-156 West.
  2. Continue on to CA-1 South
  3. Take Exit 408 onto Imjin Parkway.
  4. Turn left onto Neeson Road.

Via Hwy 17 through Santa Cruz:

  1. Take CA-17 South to Santa Cruz
  2. Follow Exit 1B onto CA-1 South
  3. Take Exit 408 onto Imjin Parkway.   
  4. Turn left onto Neeson Road.

If you have questions about skydiving with us or skydiving in general, we recommended trying one of the following resources:

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