Skydiving in Winter Over Monterey Bay is Wonderful!

Top 9 Reasons to Try Winter Skydiving in Monterey

Winter Skydiving in Monterey

While winter might not make your mind jump to skydiving, it’s actually prime time to jump out of a perfectly good airplane if you’re in California. Skydiving during winter is wonderful in Monterey Bay so consider adding it to your California winter itinerary for these nine reasons (with bonus tips for making the most of your winter jump over Monterey Bay).

Top Reasons Why Skydiving 
in Winter in Monterey, California Rocks! 

1. Best Freefall Visuals Are Over Monterey During Winter

Although temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year in Monterey, a slight drop in winter provides some of the most spectacular conditions for skydiving.

Marginally cooler air means low occurrences of fog and consistently crisp and clear skies. With less mist and haze on the horizon, the views of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay are especially vivid. It’s the best opportunity to have the clearest views of the Pacific Ocean. These conditions even sometimes allow visuals of San Francisco and the Bay area.

Monterey Bay Skydiving in Winter Crystal Clear Views

Although winter does bring rain, we still get more than 20 jumpable days per month. That additional rain accentuates the supporting colors of the landscape. The grass in the Salinas Valley grows bright green, the ocean produces its most vibrant blues and greens, and occasionally, nearby peaks on the Santa Lucia and Sierra mountain ranges collect snow on their peaks. The green valley, sparkling blue ocean, rugged beach dunes, and snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance make for the most contrasting and beautiful visuals possible for your first ever skydive!

2. Monterey Bay Gets Its Best Weather For Skydiving During Winter

Located just two hours south of San Francisco, Monterey County experiences very little temperature variation between summer and winter months. While cooler in winter, daytime highs typically range in the low to mid-60s and generally do not drop below 45 degrees in the evening.

Fog forming off the bay is not uncommon in Monterey during warmer seasons and can present conditions not conducive for skydiving. However, the slightly cooler, but still comfortable, winter temperatures result in fewer foggy days.

It’s a Goldilocks scenario with comfortable temperatures, clear skies, and consistently favorable conditions for skydiving with blue skies, smooth air, and gentle, stable winds. Historically, we have the fewest “weather days” during winter that result in postponing jumps.

This is a fantastic reason to book your jump during the winter because it’s the time of year with the most consistent jumpable conditions.

3. Next Level Whale Watching

The underwater canyon just off the Monterey coast creates the perfect migratory channel for large whales. Beginning in December, gray whales make their way north along the California coastline. Monterey Bay is one of the best regions for whale watching because of its proximity to this migration. Skydiving during this time provides a unique opportunity to spot a gray whale on your flight to jump altitude.

During most of our flights, we’ll be flying over Monterey Bay. During the winter months, you might be able to see gray whales breaching as they continue their path north, toward Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

Skydive Monterey Bay_Skydiving in Winter_Whale Watching Climb to Altitude

If you don’t get an opportunity to see migrating whales by air, there’s always by sea or land. After an eye-opening jump with us, you can spend the rest of your day on a whale-watching cruise, or visit a Monterey beach to watch for whales, dolphins, sea otters, and sea lions

4. The Ultimate California Adventurer’s ThreeFer: Surf, Skydive, and Ski in One Day 

The Holy Grail of “the ultimate day” for adventurers and thrill-seekers involves doubling or even tripling down on the most fun outdoor activities. The quintessential California twofer involves surfing and snowboarding or skiing on the same day. But, imagine a day that involves surfing, skydiving, and skiing all in one!

This Triple Play is geographically impossible in most parts of the world. However, Monterey provides the perfect staging location to make this sweet itinerary possible.

Start the day with an early morning surf at a local Monterey Beach, come to Skydive Monterey Bay for a mid-morning skydive, and then hit the road for a cruisey afternoon drive to Squaw Valley in Tahoe for a few runs at the end of the day. End it all with a drink at a local apres-ski bar.

5. California Is America’s Top Winter Skydiving State 

The cold hard reality is that winter really limits skydiving options in the United States, making it feasible to skydive in only a handful of states. Of these, California has the most skydiving centers, boasts more diverse scenery, and receives more consistent weather. So, if you’re visiting from a more traditional wintery region, try what we do best.

6. Take Immediate Action on New Year’s Resolutions 

Every New Year’s Resolution list should include some variation of “be more adventurous”. We completely support being more adventurous and fearing less in the new year!

Skydiving is guaranteed to be the most fun way to accomplish this resolution! So, get started. Don’t let fear run your life. Conquer it! Every moment procrastinating only makes achieving this resolution less likely.

Don’t just ease into the year with some safe, incremental gesture of a resolution. Set the tone for the new year: make your first skydive the world’s highest at Skydive Monterey Bay. Ninety seconds of freefall will give you a lifetime of reflection for the upcoming year.

7. Christmas Skydiving Costumes 

Did you know that wearing costumes, onesies, and silly outfits while skydiving somehow makes it even more fun? Yeah, it’s science.

Skydive Monterey Bay_Skydiving in Winter_Two Mr Claus and Ms Claus After Skydiving

The truth is your Christmas gear doesn’t have much range; you’re limited to a couple of weeks and to a finite amount of parties with the same backdrop. Whether it’s green tights, a big white beard, bright red nose, and antlers, or just a plain old ugly Christmas sweater, break it out for a Xmas skydive.

It’ll make for great video and pictures, and you’ll be able to make the coolest Christmas card or happy holidays video for your family and friends.

8. Shoulder Season Benefits 

One of the perks of visiting Monterey Bay during the winter is exploring paradise in a relaxed environment. Winter is a little slower for us. So, for you, that just means we can get you up in the air with less waiting and back down with your video in hand quicker than during peak season.

We love winter in Monterey for a more chill vibe too! A two-day or weekend winter getaway in Monterey is medicine for the soul. It’s everything paradise should be, and it feels like you have it all to yourself, whether it’s a drive down to Big Sur, whale watching or tasting wine at sunset. Combine all of these with a side of skydiving adventure for the perfect winter Monterey weekend.

9. Everyday World’s Highest Tandem Skydives from 18,000’ 

We do the world’s highest tandem skydives every day at Skydive Monterey Bay. That’s not specific to any season, but we just wanted to remind you that it happens every day, every season.

Some skydive centers advertise 18,000-foot skydives but no one else goes to that altitude every day. We’re the only California skydive center that will consistently take you higher.

Skydive Monterey Bay Skydiving Packages

Tips For Monterey Bay Winter Skydive 

What To Wear
The biggest variance in winter skydiving in Monterey is slightly cooler temperatures. Although winter daytime temperatures are typically low to mid 60’s, we’ll be jumping from 18,000 feet above the bay, so you should expect it to be cooler and be prepared with warm, athletic clothing that is moveable and adaptable.

Multiple Layers
The best approach for dressing for your skydive is to think about it as a high elevation hike. It’ll be warm on the ground, your body temperature will fluctuate, and it’ll get cooler at higher elevations. In order to prepare for that, we recommend wearing thermals and dressing in multiple layers. Temps at high altitudes fluctuate and don’t necessarily correlate with ground temperatures. So bring some light and heavy layers so that you’re prepared for a variety of conditions.

Extremity Protection
Our hands and feet tend to be the most sensitive to temperature. We recommend that you bring a pair of gloves (we have some in the event you don’t), wear socks that cover your ankles, and sneakers or runners.

Ground Game
Our hangar is not heated so if it’s a particularly cool winter day, it might be chilly in our facility. We recommend you bring whatever you need to keep you warm: beanies, scarves, warm drinks, or hot snacks.


COVID-19 Winter 2021 Update 

Skydive Monterey Bay is currently open, following applicable state, county, and health authority’s regulations and best practices. Strict procedures are in place for our customers and our staff so we can continue to operate. For more information on our protocols, please visit Skydiving COVID Procedures & Protocols. To make a booking, please visit or call 831-384-3483.


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