10 Most Popular Reasons to Jump Out of an Airplane

10 Reasons to Jump Out of An Airplane

People ultimately try skydiving because it might be the most fun activity you can try. It’s exhilarating, freeing, beautiful, and a completely foreign experience that produces emotions of pure bliss. The unknown does seem to cause some impediment or trepidation for, pardon the pun, taking the leap. There’s often a catalyst to finally going for it, and in our experience, these are the most common reasons to jump out of an airplane.

1. Top Bucket List Item

Going skydiving on your holiday is a sure-fire way to make sure everyone is suitably impressed on social media and in real life. It’s also the easiest way to sling that hashtag on your Instagram post (#Bucketlist). From the number of celebratory smiles and punches in the air we see, everyone loves ticking skydiving off their bucket list. Also, visiting us is a fun way to tick California off your bucket list as well.

World's Highest Skydive Bucket List Check Top Reason To Jump Out Of An Airplane

2. Birthday Present to Myself

No one knows you better than yourself. So the best present you can receive is the one you give yourself! You’re worth it, my friend. The emotional response, plus the enduring stories and memories of incredible adventures last significantly longer than the joy from a new blender.

A skydive is an amazing present for a thrill seeker of any age. How cool is it to say that one of your first official adult decisions was to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? A skydive from 18,000 feet for your 18th birthday says, “I’m going to have a lifetime of adventure”. Or on the flip side, you might be surprised how stoked grandma or grandpa might be to go skydiving on their 100th birthday! They’ve probably already received and tried everything else!

Make sure your dinner conversations are fresh and exciting: go skydiving on your birthday and you’ve got a fun story for life.

3. First Date or Anniversary

Oh my goodness, you’re in this to impress, aren’t you? We get a lot of first dates,  and anniversaries and loved-up couples celebrating by skydiving together. It’s a phenomenal idea. After all, skydiving and falling in love share many things in common, including both activate the release of the feel-good “love drug”:  dopamine.

Sharing something as exciting and out of this world as skydiving either makes you fall in love or adds more fuel to that love train. This train of thought leads us to…

4. Popping the Big Question: Skydiving Proposals

The amount of proposals we have here is mind-blowing and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a great way to make it unique, memorable, exciting and, romantic. We are happy to help in any way to make your proposal memorable. Click here to see an example of a skydiving proposal at Skydive Monterey Bay.

Watch: How a Skydive Proposal Unfolds at Monterey Skydive

5. Becoming Fearless: Conquer A Fear of Heights

We’re so humbled to have such brave customers come here to conquer their fears. There’s no better approach to conquering a fear than to attack it head-on. And really, the world’s highest first jump is the best way to overcome a fear of heights. We make sure to help by either giving you a tour (it really helps to see other people land safely) and set you up with one of our amazingly supportive instructors who talk you through every aspect of the jump.

We could dive deep into the psychology of fear but let’s focus on two of the most important aspects as it relates to your skydive.  First, we fear the unknown. In this case, the unknown for you is the safety level of skydiving.  You, understandably, make certain assumptions based on the information you receive. Unfortunately, it tends to not be from an accurate source. The reality is that skydiving, while it does carry some risk, has proven to be one of the safer outdoor sports. The United States Parachute Association, the governing body for skydiving in the United States, details all skydiving accident statistics. In 2019, tandem skydiving had a 99.9998% success rate. These statistics are validated by other national parachuting governing bodies such as the British Parachute Association.

Secondly, the idea of fear exists only in own your mind. As statistics indicate, skydiving is safer, by an order of magnitude, than many other more “vanilla” sports like scuba diving. It’s unrealistic to think we can completely eliminate this fear by reading some articles but awareness does help. The biggest key is understanding the difference between what we think and what we experience. It’s common for soon-to-be skydivers to be nervous or fearful because of what they think is about to happen. Remarkably, we leave any fear in the airplane. As we experience it, we understand it and are fully present in all of its amazingness. During the moment, there is zero fear. If you don’t believe us, watch Will Smith talk about the exact same process during his skydiving experience.

6. Personal Celebration

There’s a lot of things that can fall under the “milestone” category.  Whether it’s a graduation, promotion, or a personal milestone like sobriety, come celebrate 18,000 feet in the air! Life is short. Enjoy yourself!

7. New Lease on Life

This is an incredibly emotional one. Some stories that have really touched us include amazing customers who’ve gone through bereavement, have survived cancer, or have gone through other traumatic experiences. They want to celebrate their triumph as a survivor with a memorable adventure. We’re so humbled and grateful to be part of your celebration.

8. Adventurous Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Yeah, it is! What a fun place to let loose and really do something crazy. Forget the drunken cliches and come skydiving for your Bachelor or Bachelorette party and make some memories. No hangovers here.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Ideas in California

9. Next Level Corporate Events and Team Building Exercises

Blessed be are the days when your boss decides to take you on a team-building exercise. Does this mean you get paid to go skydiving? Yes, it does. If you do a team-building exercise with us, you’ll get some hardcore bonding time and have a life-changing experience with your colleagues. What a way to get closer! Forget about the office cake and the water cooler conversation.

How to Plan A Team Bonding or Corporate Event Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

10. Jumping Out of An Airplane Is A Lot of Fun!

We could think of a lot of other reasons to jump out of an airplane, but the best reason to try skydiving is that it’s probably the most fun activity you’ll ever try.

Side note: we take no responsibility if you become addicted but we’ll be glad to welcome you into our skydiving family.

Book your jump with Skydive Monterey Bay, learn more about tandem skydiving or contact us for more information  

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