Watch: How a Skydive Proposal Unfolds at Monterey Skydive

Skydive Proposal: An Extraordinary Way to Pop The Big Question

A skydive proposal is one of the most exciting and unique ideas for a wedding proposal. It’s a perfect mix of adrenaline and adventure to enhance the excitement of proposing. After all, a life of adventure should start with the biggest one! It’s a fantastic and fun twist to one of the most time-honored romantic traditions.

At Skydive Monterey Bay we’re super stoked to help love birds link up for a lifetime of thrills. If you’ve never skydived before you’re likely wondering how a skydive proposal would work, what exactly is possible, and what opportunities you have to personalize the big moment. These are important considerations for planning. So, we’re going to relive a recent proposal at Skydive Monterey Bay.

How A Skydive Proposal Goes Down 

Skydive proposals typically happen on the ground after the skydive. For a variety of safety, communication, and logistical challenges (you wouldn’t want to be holding an expensive ring falling through the air at 120 mph), proposals can’t happen during freefall or parachute flight. On the ride to jump altitude is an option, but typically, post jump is the best time to make your move. Your partner will be peaking with feel-good bliss neurochemicals, and extremely caught up in the excitement, and therefore, will be least expecting it then.

The first step is to let us know your intentions and plans. We can help, or offer suggestions on props, banners, messages painted into the ground, and/or help with “yes” celebratory packages.   

On this proposal, it seemed like a normal first jump tandem skydive. They both got geared up and excitedly went up on the airplane. The plan was for the finance to land first, prepare the ring, and get down on one knee while she landed next to them moments later.

Skydive Proposal After Landing at Skydive Monterey Bay

To add some visual artistry, we spray-painted “Claire, will you become a Pearson?” (that’s his last name for those following along) in the landing area. Even when painted quite large, it’s usually only readable just a few moments before landing. So it was just the right amount of time for Claire to really process what she read before the “down on one knee” proposal.

If you’re ready to ask your adventure buddy to take the life plunge watch how this recent skydive proposal unfolded. Spoiler alert: she said YES!

Skydive Proposal YES Skydive Monterey


Skydive Proposal Video Packages

You’re about to do one of the coolest activities on this planet and following that up with the most exciting and beautiful moment of your life. You need to get this documented! We offer a variety of video and picture packages with multi angle and multi-camera shots to capture all of the moments of your most special day. You’ll be fully in the moment so give yourself, your friends, and family an opportunity to share those incredible moments.

Post Celebration Ideas

A skydive proposal is quite a poetic way to ask for a hand in marriage. With all those endorphins firing, love will truly be in the air!  Everyone can use some extra good vibes when you pop the big question.

After you secure the YES, you won’t need to go far to turn up the romance. Monterey is consistently ranked as one to top 10 romantic destinations in all of California. There are many  Monterey romantic getaway itineraries to celebrate the next chapter of your new life!

Skydive Proposal Planning Considerations 

If you’re popping the question you’ll want to make sure you have a good understanding of the tandem skydive process. We recommend reading the Top 10 Most Common Skydive Questions or if you have a specific question to be answered you can most likely find it in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

This will help you think about what is possible and ultimately how you might want to go about asking the big question before speaking with us. If you have some ideas you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.

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