A Guide to Skydiving: Prices & Packages

Even though average skydiving California prices are around $230, there are many different offers, packages, and skydiving opportunities which affect the price. The price of tandem skydiving includes gear, plane and instructor fees, video and photography services, and so on.

A lot of different factors means that the price will vary rather often. However, there are certain average prices that you can expect so that you don’t overpay for your adrenaline-filled experience. Skydiving isn’t standardized and a lot of companies offer different services like: # of tandems per flight, true altitude at mean sea level, views, freefall time, experience, safety and facilities meaning that costs can vary.

In order to clear any confusion, we created this guide to help you understand what you are paying for:

Lower Prices Aren’t Better

When it comes to skydiving, lower prices are never a good sign. Low prices could mean poor aircraft maintenance, untrained personnel, old facilities, and many other negative aspects that could endanger your life. Still, this doesn’t mean that the highest prices equal the best services.

The point is to avoid rock bottom prices as you would with some standardized services or products. Make sure that you compare prices with other skydiving centers and ensure that their services aren’t suspiciously low.

Discounts and Special Offers

Some of the most common discounts include cash payment discounts which can save you around $10 and military personnel discounts which also usually run at around $10. However, there are group discounts that can really save you significant money while going on an adventure with your friends.

For example, groups of more than 4 people can expect an additional $10 discount per person or even free gifts. Groups that count more than 12 people can have an additional $10 discount per person and you might even get a discount that can range anywhere from 10% to 30%.

Special Packages

Some centers will offer special packages that will give you the highest jumps possible with priority boarding, special gifts, potential sky acrobatics and the longest freefall possible. The prices of these kinds of packages are usually around $410.

Prices Depending on the Height of the Jump

The height of the jump also impacts the price. After all, the flight will last longer when the plane has to climb higher altitudes and it will take more time for the jumpers to return to the ground. Here are the average prices in California you can expect for tandem jumping:

  • 10K feet tandem jump (around $180)
  • 15k feet tandem jump (around $220)
  • 18K feet tandem jump (around $280)

For these prices, you can expect the last 5k feet with an open parachute. If the skydiving center’s policy is to open the parachutes before 5k feet, chances are that their staff is not skilled.

These are the things you can expect for average prices. Once again, don’t go for the cheapest offer you find because chances are that there is something missing in their service and skydiving is, in essence, risky enough, so why add to that. Bear in mind that prices can often change so don’t be surprised if our averages are not 100% accurate.

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5 thoughts on “A Guide to Skydiving: Prices & Packages

  1. My brother and his friends are planning to try skydiving this weekend to do something exciting. It was explained here that the price of the skydiving activity depends on the height of the jump. Furthermore, it’s recommended to consult experts when considering trying tandem skydiving.

  2. Hi I’ve always wanted to try skydiving..
    I live in Simi Valley and it would include three of us. Would there be any discounts? Where would we have to jump from what area in CA?
    Are we always jumping with an instructor? We wouldn’t need the highest point of course but what would you request for a first timer so it gives us the full threal of a jump? What kind of notice is required on booking?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you for your interest in skydiving at the most beautiful skydiving center, Skydive Monterey Bay! Usually we operate year-round, seven days a week, always weather permitting. We can send you some easy how-to information to your email address. Reservations are recommended however, not required. We do like to talk to each group leader and new skydiving students so we can help you have the most amazing experience ever imaginable. Look for an email shortly and we can help you schedule. If you would like to email us: office@skydivemontereybay.com if there’s anything else we can help with.
      Wishing you blue skies,
      Jackie, Chief Jumpmaster

  3. Offering tandem skydives and serving people making their first skydive. This Skydiving school allows licensed jumpers to skydive at their location and spend to keep the experienced skydivers happy. They have to provide them with a seat on the plane, a place to relax after their jump, and pay for equipment for them to use. This all is part of a drop zone and contributes to your tandem skydive.

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