Top 5 Cafes in the Area

We always tell everyone to have a great breakfast before they come for a skydive. If you’re staying in the area, you might have been inclined to ask us for advice on where to go but was too shy to ask. So, we got you. You don’t even have to ask. Here’s a list of all the places up and down the Monterey Bay Area:

1. Crepes of Brittany

Who doesn’t want a breakfast that is as sweet as your wildest dreams? Our personal favourite is always going to be the nutella with strawberries and bananas but there’s a wide variety of sweet and savoury options to tantalize your tastebuds with. Warning: your dogs might get very jealous.

2. Old Monterey Cafe

There is always a line here – so you know it’s worth it. It’s incredibly cozy and has the historic charm Old Monterey Town is known for. Everyone loves how the portions here are super huge – go where the locals go!

3. Carmel Bakery

Carmel-by-the-Sea not only sounds adorable but also looks absolutely cute. It’s full of fairy-tale houses, European inspired cobblestones and high-end eateries.

The best place to head to is Carmel Bakery which has a faint Chocolat whiff to it minus Johnny Depp. Our favourite is the chocolate covered pretzel which is equal parts aesthetic and delicious.

4. Aloha Coffee and Cafe

Not everyone feels like a big breakfast. A perfectly good alternative is an acai bowl so you can revel in the tropical vibes. There’s also a Green Bowl for those who are more health (or instagram) conscious. Go feel the Aloha.

Bonus Entries:

1. The Cherry Man by Yonder

When you drive to Skydive Monterey Bay, you may have come across the local man selling local cherries on Imjin Parkway. If you need an approximate address to put into your google map because you’re technology dependent, we recommend putting in:

2. Papa Chevo’s

This place is only 8 minutes drive away from Skydive Monterey Bay. So, when people disappear from work, it’s not uncommon to find them here. The rumoured favourite amongst all the sky diving instructors is the breakfast burrito. Two thumbs up.

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