Skydive Coastal California from 18,000’

We’re stoked you decided to check out Skydive Monterey Bay. We consider it a very special privilege to introduce first timers to the sport of skydiving at our beautiful location.

Since you don’t jump out of a perfectly good airplane everyday, we want to make sure your skydive is the best experience possible. To do that, we offer special skydive options that no other skydive center in the Bay Area can match.


Closest Ocean Landings

We operate, fly and land closer to the ocean than any other skydive center in California!

We’re so close to the ocean, the airport is literally built on a sand dune. Our landing area is only 3.05 miles from the ocean. That makes our landing area, and most importantly where you’ll freefall and fly the parachute, closer to the ocean than any other skydive center in California.

Enjoy the Best Views When Skydiving Near San Francisco

If you want to jump by the sea, you want to jump with us. Towering sand dunes; the rugged Santa Lucia mountain range; crashing waves over Monterey and Santa Cruz beaches; blue skies with feathery clouds: we don’t just say we have the best views, we have the pictures to prove it. Every picture in our gallery is where we skydive everyday.


World’s Highest Tandem

Skydive Monterey Bay offers you the chance to do the world’s highest tandem skydive, everyday, from 18,000 feet above the ground. We are able to offer this special service because we operate the fastest skydiving airplane in California.

Enjoy the Highest Skydive in Coastal California

Other skydive centers in the Bay Area jump from anywhere between 8,000-12,500 feet. That means at Skydive Monterey Bay, you’ll go 40-125% higher than anywhere else.


World’s Longest Freefall

What inspires us all the most about skydiving is the freefall. You may come to love the parachute ride as well but almost everyone shows up for his or her first jump because they want to taste freefall.So go all in!

Best Freefall Skydiving in the Bay Area

A skydive at another location means anywhere from 15-45 seconds of freefall. But with Skydive Monterey Bay’s highest tandem skydive you’ll experience the most freefall, approximately 90 seconds, in the San Francisco area.


Ride in Comfort

Your ride to the top is a big part of your skydive experience. We believe it should be an enjoyable ride.

At Skydive Monterey Bay, you’ll fly in our Super King Air Twin Engine B200. This type of aircraft is amongst the most comfortable, accommodating and reliable in the industry.

See Everything When Skydiving in Monterey, CA

During the brief climb to altitude, you’ll be exposed to panoramic views of Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz and the Santa Lucia Mountain range. You’ll get an amazing perspective of Monterey’s towering dunes and you may even spot a whale or dolphin migrating up the coast.

Our airplane comfortably holds up to 21 skydivers so we can almost always schedule your friends on the same flight. It’s extremely spacious by skydiving standards, meaning we’re not crammed on the floor into a shoebox-sized airplane that only holds four jumpers. At Skydive Monterey Bay, you’ll sit comfortably upright on padded benches with lots of windows to check out the amazing view of the ocean and mountains.

All that being said, our airplane is the fastest skydive airplane in California so you’ll be jumping in just 6½ minutes (15k feet jumps) or only 9 minutes (18k feet jumps) after take-off.


Best Value Skydive


In skydiving, every second counts! Our freefall is longer than any other skydiving center in California. So, you’re really getting the best value per second of freefall.

With more freefall, higher jumps and gorgeous ocean and mountain views, all at standard industry rates, you’ll be picking the best value for your first jump.